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BFA Releases propositions on current systems

The British Football Association has released their propositions and plans of changing the current system of English football and cut down the amount of non-European players that are allowed to play in the leagues of England.

The objective of this change is to help increase the homegrown talent in England as this can permit and given a bigger chance for younger players to rise and have the opportunity to be at the spotlight.

England’s failure to win a major tournament in the past few years has forced the Football Association on having to make a number of switches and changes within the leagues of their country and this is one of their initial plans that is expected to grant positive results in the next years.

"In the future it is quite possible we won't have enough players qualified to play for England who are playing regularly at the highest level in this country or elsewhere in the world. As a result, it could well mean England's teams are unable to compete seriously on the world stage’’ The Chairman of the FA, Greg Dyke said as he responded to questions concerning why these decisions and actions are being made.

Too many foreign players are currently performing in some of the football leagues of England and this proposal will force clubs on having to reduce the amount of players not emerging from England by up to 50%.

This new system will start taking place in the season of 2015-16.

The members of the Football Association which have agreed on making these changes happen want to avoid going through another disastrous performance in a major football tournament such as the 2014 edition of the World Cup where England could not win a single match of their group and lost against: Uruguay and Italy and only managing to claim a draw over Costa Rica.