Foreigners for England

Sam Allardyce is advocating for the selection of the Footballers of other nations to feature for England.
Football Association has never been that interested in the outsiders and neither has been any of the previous Three Lions’ bosses, but, the Big Sam is definitely stressing on it.

Allardyce’s point is that that not too many Footballers with English roots are the regular features in English top division right now and it makes no sense picking someone who is not a regular feature.

So, he reckons for the formation of a strong side which can challenge for titles, any player, who qualifies for a Three Lions shirt and is better than the other options, should be roped in and his nationality should not be an issue.

Allardyce said, “If I am not wrong, the Englishmen form only about thirty per cent of total Premiership Footballers at this point. Now, you tell me if that is enough? I definitely don’t think so. If we don't look at all the options availble to us, I might as well go home and play on my computer - the Sopranos Online Pokies game is available at Pokies Palace now so I can play that until the next Qualifier!"

‘We have got to show more openness towards it in my opinion. Apart from us, everyone else is picking the outsiders and even in England, we have seen it in sports like Cricket, then why not Football?”

“If you have a pool of Footballers who are sitting out at the club level and then you have a different option in the form of another player who is spending 90 minutes on the pitch week in week out, you would want to pick that player without looking at where he is from because you want the strongest side possible.”

“Obviously in case of N’Zonzi, we had a complication, but, we will be considering any possibility like that in future. Our scouting department is going to have a close eye on such options.”