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When Steven Gerrard announced his retirement from playing football at the international scene, the English midfielder said that he wanted to focus the remaining years of his career by spending it with Liverpool and not having distractions along the way.

Steven Gerrard is entering the final stages of his extensive career with the possibility of him playing 2 or 3 more seasons at most before deciding to retire from playing football altogether. However, when he decided to stop playing for England and focus performing with Liverpool it was hardly expected for him to be at the center of constant criticism due to his clubs’ inability to win matches.

Liverpool suffered their 3rd consecutive Premier League defeat after West Ham United blasted 3 goals into the net of Simon Mignolet. The entire squad of Brendan Rodgers has been struggling trying to perform at a decent level but Steven Gerrard is one of the players that is subject to most criticism as people are starting to question if whether or not he should continue playing at the age of 34.

If you look at the William Hill - Games results table, you can see just how far down Liverpool are.

During Liverpool’s match with West Ham United, Stewart Downing ran right past Gerrard on a number of occasions as Gerrard just couldn’t keep up not only with Downing but with the rest of his opponents. In that very same match Brendan Rodgers opted to go with a 4-1-2-1-2 formation with Steven Gerrard being deployed as defensive midfielder in front of the defence while Mario Balotelli, Fabio Borini and Raheem Sterling were the main attacking figures.

Gerrard failed on accomplishing his defensive duties as the experienced midfielder could not make a single tackle throughout the entire match and not only that but he also failed on launching any shots or providing his teammates with any real assistance when going upfront. It simply was a day to forget for Gerrard as he could not help or assist his players in any significant way.

After being a consistent player for Liverpool with more than 15 years of playing time under his belt at Anfield Road there is no doubt that Steven Gerrard is more than just a player for Liverpool and the supporters of the club, he is a living legend, an icon that surely deserves all of the praise he has been receiving in modern times but it might be time for him to start considering retiring.

He could have a few more seasons left before deciding to hang up his boots but if the Englishman wants to finish his career on a high note and capture the title that he has not added to his collection, the Premier League then his performances will have to change for the better. If Gerrard performs better, Liverpool will as well.