This was the position of Marc Overmars who once played under Arsene Wenger.

He has a strong belief that Wenger would make quite an excellent choice as a manager of England's national side, if it is his desire to take on the job which has been described as one of the most heavily scrutinized jobs in football.

The England's national side is currently in the temporal care of Gareth Southgate. This came after Sam Allardyce's departure, due to some comments he made on camera to undercover journalists on ways of dodging FA's regulations concerning player transfer.

The Arsenal boss who would be out of his coaching job at Arsenal when his contract expires at the end of the season, has been mentioned to be somewhat connected to the England's national team job. Wenger has worked for about 20 years now in his adopted home.

'I think that he would be an excellent choice for the English,' Overmars, who won an FA Cup double and a Premier League title under the Frenchman in 1997-98 said at the ASPIRE4SPORT event.
Overmars strongly believes his former boss fits the role as long as there is still the energy for such an intense role.

“Maybe it's time for him, that's only if he has the energy for it, he said.

There's a heavy scrutiny and pressure pervading over the England national side job. Thus comes on the heel of the trophy drought currently facing the team which has lasted for about 50 years now. The last trophy win by England was their World Cup victory in 1966.

On the other hand, one of Wenger's former player, Ian Wright doesn't want his previous manager to take on the job at Wembley. His belief is that the pressure will be too intense for the Frenchman.
“Don't do the England job - it's too much pressure,” Wright told the BBC's Match of the Day.'He's going to get so much stick. See the amount of stick he's getting from Arsenal when he's trying to do his stuff.

“I wouldn't like to see him go through 20 years and the last 10 years [how] it's been for him – and then go to England and it not quite work out and he gets that kind of stick as well.”
Wenger himself has done nothing to distance himself from the job, describing England and English football as his 'paradise'.