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Premier League announces $1 billion rights deal

NBC managed to outbid FOX and BeIn Sports as they secured a new 6 year-long deal with the rights to show 380 live Premier League games each year. This deal is believed to be worth close to $1 billion as NBC retain the rights but it came at a hefty cost.

Richard Scudamore is an executive of the Premier League and he revealed why they decided to select NBC as their main American broadcaster. The 56 year old English executive told the media: "Obviously we had to do the best job by the clubs and club owners," he said.

"It was very competitive and lots of interest but to continue with NBC, the clubs are very pleased. They have taken it, embraced it and taken it to new levels."

"Everything they have done, they have done with top class. We deal with broadcasters around the world and no one does as good job of promoting the Premier League as NBC does."

For the past few years there has been an increasing amount of fans who not only watch games by going to the stadium and cheer for their favorite club but also watch the games in the Premier League on TV. This is why the rights of the Premier League have been increasing so much as well as more and more networks are interested in being able to distribute all of the league games.

One of the reasons of why the Premier League is turning into an attractive football destination is because of all the cash that the top clubs are spending in luring world class players and those aren’t necessarily homegrown.

There was a study done during the 2011-12 season which revealed that only 38% of the players of the Premier League are English and the rest were foreign. According to the latest live odds on contemporary odds, this figure is only ecpected to go down over the next few seasons.

Having so many foreign players attracts more viewers from different sections from around the world which continues to increase as each season passes by and this is why NBC as well as other networks have been attempting to seal the Premier League rights.