Former England striker Alan Shearer has said that he is hoping that England will perform well at the Euro 2012 and possibly win the tournament due to the fact that there is absolutely no expectation of the team.

Former Real Madrid manager Fabio Capello handed his resignation from the England managerial post a few weeks ago. After looking at various options, the England FA recently appointed former Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson until 2016. Yet, there has not been a lot of talk surrounding England winning the Euro 2012, which has led to a different atmosphere within the England camp.

Due to the lack of pressure of actually winning the tournament, Alan Shearer believes that England will be able to perform well at this edition. Previously, there has been a lot of expectation on England to win the tournament. However, after consequent failures since 1966 to lift a major trophy, there is absolutely no pressure on England. Many are hoping that the quarter-final finish would be a great result for England considering the managerial change at the last moment. This could work in favour of the team according to Alan Shearer, who was one of the stars of the Euro 96.

'It hasn't been an ideal preparation. That is clear for everyone to see. We didn't have a manager, which in turn meant we hadn't got a captain. Thankfully they (the FA) have made the decision, Roy is there and he can look at everything he has to do. On the other hand, no-one is expecting us to go and win it, which is totally different. Every tournament we normally go into, the talk is always about the players we have to win the tournament, and that we are going to win it. That might help us," said Alan Shearer.