Three Lions manager Gareth Southgate has complained of youngsters getting excessive wages.

The coach said the moneys erode their motivation. He warned that the players even when in developmental stages get very high pay that send wrong signals before they get to achieve anything decent in their careers.

Southgate proposed that the salaries could be paid into a trust fund or the amount reduced as the big money leaves them “intrinsically unmotivated.” The Coach was speaking at the Boarding Schools’ Association conference. He dropped several advices that could improve England’s youth football if well implemented.

“The biggest problem is that we reward boys without them having had success. We’re taking some of that motivation away. But the very best will still come through, whatever they earn. But we’re making it more difficult,” the coach said.

On the national team, the coach said they faced unrealistic expectations from the public. He said the players in the national team were told recently that the team had only won few games in the knockout stage of international tournaments.

He said the national team could not be better than others as the Premier League was hyped. He said the team worries about losing as they are under pressure from the public to perform.

On mental health, Southgate advised players to find coping mechanismsagainst anxiety, self-doubt and expectations. He revealed that the men’s national team worked through pressure unlike their female counterparts who talk about it. He shared other experiences about the national team as a player and coach. In addition, he gave advices that the audience appreciated.