Three Lions may Miss for WC due to these Reasons

While the qualification standings suggest that there is absolutely no problem for the Three Lions to earn their ticket to Russia, they are actually in danger of missing out on the World Cup and it’s because of an off the field reason.

FIFA has strictly prohibited the domestic federation of the countries to share their control with any other body, not even with the government of the country. The federation has to be run by itself with all the decisions being made by its own board.

As per FIFA guidelines, in case there is any kind of influence on the federation from outside, it may cause the suspension of the federation for an indefinite period of time.

FIFA guidelines also say that it doesn’t matter if the federation is responsible or not for the outside influence that is made on it, the influence itself will be the reason enough for the strictest of the actions to be taken.

And FIFA has actually done it to Kuwait. It was the same issue there. The people in the government were getting involved in the running of the Federation and as soon as it came in the notice of FIFA, they came down hard and banned the Kuwaiti team from playing their remaining qualifiers.

Kuwait too was going strong in its group till that time and was one of the prime candidates to make it to Russia, but, because of having not been allowed to take the field anymore from that stage, their points’ tally could not go any further and they got eliminated from Round no. 2 of the Asian qualification.

If this happens with England too, they may also struggle to finish first or second in their group and that will send them packing.