Wayne Rooney was not Happy with Title Win Last Year

Wayne Rooney reveals that he did not celebrate the title victories of the Red Devils a lot the previous season as he did not have any feeling of involvement in it.

Rooney stresses that he was glad from the club’s point of view, but, he doesn’t shy away from saying that it wasn’t immensely enjoyable for him on a personal front.

As per Rooney, he didn’t even get to train with the regular starters that much because the regular starters had a couple of days’ off after every match to recover while those like him who were not getting a look in and were not even a part of the squad in many games had to train separately.

On asked when he made up his mind that he was going to end his association with United, Rooney says that he had a discussion with the manager in the winters and the message that he got from the manager as that he should remain for the full duration of the season as the team would need him. So he remained and tried to contribute as much as he could when the opportunities presented themselves.

But, he was more or less certain that he would be moving out once the season was over and done with.
Rooney admits that he felt sentimental and had a heavy heart at the time of leaving as he had a very, very long association with the Red Devils, but, he had to give himself a chance to be in contention for World Cup and that he could have done only by playing week in week out which had not been the case for him at United for past some time. So he had to move to a club where he would have a chance to be on the park most weeks.