150th Game between England and Scotland

The game between England and Scotland that took place on 12th September 2023 ended with England beating Scotland with a score of 3-1. The game marked 150 years for both opponents in the game. This anniversary game was held in Glasgow. England or the Three Lions has been in good form in recent seasons, having won semi-finals as well as the finals in several major tournaments. It showcases why they are considered fourth best across world teams in football.

On the other hand, Scotland has come close to being in the European Championships, two times in a row. However, they are 26 positions below England in the rankings. Hence, there are very few matches in history where Scotland has been able to beat England. It dates back to 1999, a year when Scotland had won a match over England. This current match saw the considerable skills of the England players at play. For instance, Phil Foden made the first goal, silencing the crowd in Hampden Park, within 30 minutes. After that Jude Bellingham, midfielder of Real Madrid and playing for England, scored the second goal. It happened within three minutes after the first goal.

There were certain moments when Scotland seemed to come to an advantage. For instance, Harry Maguire scored into their own team’s goalpost. It was a moment when the home crowd cheered. It happened in the second half. Though Harry did stick out his foot to block out a cross the ball defected into England’s net. England was soon on top, however, which was aptly shown by Jude Bellingham. His performance got applause even from Scotland fans. He was later substituted by another player. However, by then he had already assisted the second goal. It was scored by Harry Kane who got in the third goal.