England Icon Frank Lampard Might Have to Swallow His Pride after Being Sacked

Managers are appointed by owners but it is their actions that can get them sacked. This is the reason why the football centurions of England might have often been given 1-2 chances at football managed by never 4. It happens that the top players of the nation have ever created an appalling track record in terms of management. Frank Lampard might have just one last chance to prove himself to be the exception to this rule however celebrated he might have been as a player.

Nine players have been restricted 100 times for Three Lions and had the kind of glittering, striking careers that can single them out for managerial success. Ashley Cole and David Beckham haven’t ever bothered at least not directly. Bobby Charlton, Peter Shilton, and Billy Wright had a stint with Preston, Plymouth, and Arsenal, respectively. Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney have so far each had 2 goes until now.

Bobby Moore was given 3 attempts but all of them had been ill-fated at Easter AA in Southend United and Hong Kong. When Frank Lampard is offered another job, he is going to become one of the most restricted players since Bryan Robson to be given over 3 lives. His trio of spells at Chelsea and Everton had sufficient moments of triumph for ascertaining that. However, he might have to swallow his pride and drop down to a division. There is intense pressure on him this time.
Management is a lot different from putting on a shirt with pride, leading by example, and clapping hands encouragingly. There are also dark arts that enable even lesser talented footballers to become the most successful managers. No doubt, Everton has been a car crash from the beginning but not of Lampard’s making and not his repairing either. That is the rub.