England Put Extra Cost to See Premier League Matches

The world of sports was stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic from the start of this session. Many of the tournaments were abandoned whereas some of the programs were postponed. In these situations, as the graph of infection has got a bit lower, the games have started again. One of the most prestigious leagues in the world of Football is the English Premier League in England. It has been started after a long pause and is now about to go on through the new normal situations.

All the sports authorities have taken measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. No spectator is allowed to enter into the stadiums to witness the skills of their favorite players or the victory of their favorite team. In these situations, television has become the only means to witness the matches. Earlier the broadcasters used to stream some specific matches among all the matches as per the contract with Football Board of England.

But due to the COVID situation, they decided to telecast all the matches of the tournament but it didn’t bring any profit to them. In this scenario, they have changed some rules in the broadcasting.
The England government has decided to charge an additional US$20 to watch half of the matches of each round in the English Premier League. In this way, the broadcaster is earning almost a good amount from the telecast of the English Premier League matches. Though this is a temporary solution and there are grudges against the decision, the broadcasters and the football authority of the country have no other ways to accept it. The citizens of the country are now protesting on social media platforms that it is really a bad move whereas the same channel was free just some days ago.